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BrokenTale Asgore :iconzeldaokamifreak:ZeldaOkamifreak 13 3 ~ Fanart :Asgore Dreemurr ~ :iconsonicjuice:SonicJuice 54 21 Asgore x Toriel - Gif :iconacane123:Acane123 49 18 Endertale - Page 1 :icontc-96:TC-96 1,498 310 Memory [UNDERTALE SPOILERS] :iconpettyartist:pettyartist 1,354 91 Sans Birth 3/3 :iconlost-opium:Lost-Opium 432 75 The River's Warning (Undertale Comic) IN PROGRESS :icontyl95:Tyl95 776 133 Genocide - Sans and Papyrus :iconsafulousart:SafulousArt 1,142 123 TMNT - Salamander side effects (S4 spoiler) :iconmyrling:Myrling 603 305 TMNT - Grandpa Splinter :iconmyrling:Myrling 1,330 695 Stronger than you - Frisk Parody :iconpbjelly246:pbJelly246 365 40
[UNDERTALE LYRICS]Stronger Than You (Flowey Cover)
Verse 1
Just give it up kid, you're gonna die.
Determination's never gonna get you anywhere in life,
So don't continue to try,
I am a GOD, so why should I lie?
You really think that you can beat me?
You idiot, just step forward and you'll see
That I'm more than a piece of botany.
Go ahead and try to hurt me if you're able,
Six souls absorbed, you must defeat and disable,
And now you're dead, only your bad skills are to blame,
I will never let you beat the game.
This is where it ends, where the last bird sings,
You gave me lots of time to finish the king,
That mad look on your face, boy do you look sour!
You just got defeated by A FLOWER.
You are a fool!
Verse 2
:icondannyman12:Dannyman12 338 116
Mature content
KFP Bath 2 :iconbeppodragon:beppodragon 170 87
Lord Shen: The brink of death
The giant cannon began to topple toward Shen. The peacock closed his eyes, admitting defeat and bracing himself for the end. The impact of the cannon smashed the deck of the ship and reduced it to mere splinters. Shen only survived being crushed by the fact that the deck beneath his feet gave way. He could feel himself beginning to sink through cold water; he felt his body slowly drift through a hole blown through the wooden hull of the ship. He opened his eyes underwater, only to see himself drifting further and further from the dark wreckage of the ship. Looking up, he saw through the water’s surface far above great bursts of color, beautiful fireworks illuminated the harbor to the very bottom Feeling his body settle on the sandy bottom of the harbor while small bits of wreckage sunk to the bottom next to him, he began to feel the need for air. Shen tried to move, but he felt agonizing pain and cried out below the water and large bubbles of air escaped from his wide open beak.
:icontulmur95:Tulmur95 5 6
Never Alone
'Run little Aster, you better scream,'
Aster pressed against a tree, eyes wide as he panted heavily. His ears could pick up the faint sound of feet walking slowly in his direction.
'The Boogieman's going to make you bleed,'
The snap of a twig sent him racing off into the forest again, and a laugh followed him.
'There's nowhere you can hide from me here, Aster! This is MY domain!'
A large wall of black sand suddenly shot up in front of him, forcing him to skid to a halt. It crashed down on him, and he vanished into the black for a moment, before he surfaced again. The sand wrapped around the lower half of his body, including his arms, and hardening into a solid black mass. Despite his desperate struggling, his arms stayed trapped, and he couldn't move anything from the waist down. A laugh caused him to look up at a tall dark figure with yellow eyes full of amusement, and upon seeing him, his struggles grew more desperate.
'Now, now, don't get too worked up, old friend.' Pitch snicker
:iconshadowfangirl15:Shadowfangirl15 59 24
Valentine Challenge Day 5
Day 5 Wamma/Sarah (Chaotic)
Wamma had always known he was not like other Danians. He was naturally talented, which is how he managed to pass his training. But rather than work hard to try to go up in rank, he preferred to sleeping and goofing off. Wamma always put more work into avoiding work than he did in actually work.
Lying and acting also seemed to be natural talents of his, since he could always think of an excuse to why he wasn't working, or pretending that he was working when battle masters walked by. Wamma was smart, since he was able to memorize all the tunnels and the shifts of other mandiblors, so he knew where the best places to nap were.
However, there was one huge thing that truly separated him from all other Danians.
He was in love with a human.
His forbidden friendship with the Chaotic player Sarah has gone on for almost two years. It was chance that brought them together, which ended with Sarah saving him. She already knew who he was, saying that she had a card of him
:icondiamondheart31:DiamondHeart31 12 9


Say, the journal entries don't show up on the homepage of DA, right? Well, if they do, what the heck!

I was thinking lately about this time, in sixth grade. There was a guy I thought was cute and when I told him, he just shot it back in my face. But I'm glad I told him because if I hadn't, I wouldn't have known he was just a stupid, good for nothing... (I think I'm not gonna write what I have in mind so I won't get into trouble for swearing. To those who might read this; Use your imagination to fill the blank and don't be shy, he deserves it!)



Elo bouchard
Artist | Student | Varied
14 years old, like to read, write, draw and have fun. I'm very shy so I'll wait loooong before updating anything.


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